What suit to wear for an interview?

So you just bagged yourself that elusive interview. Well done. Now the question is how do you dress to convey that professional edge through your dressing that you want the interviewer to notice? Well, it might sound as simple as getting your good ol’ suit from the wardrobe and chucking it on……Actually, it’s not that simple.

Now, this largely depends on the type of interview you are going for. Depending on the organisation, industry and  type of role you are going for, you will want to assess all these situations and get the outfit right. You do not want to overdress or underdress for an interview.

You want to get the suit right. Dress how you want to be addressed. Remember, your appearance leaves a lasting impression to the interviewer(s). It also gives you more confidence and exerts energy in your walk, handshake and speech – I’d still say go prepared as just a sense of confidence does not answer the questions for you.

What you wear can also make you feel relaxed by allowing more free movement; this will aid particularly well in a situation like an interview process where some perspire more due to increased anxiety.

MZSo, picture an interviewee arriving to an interview with a  3 piece suit, lapel flower and shiny satin pocket square for the position of a customer services rep Рyes, he has clearly been watching too much boardwalk empire and suits. Asides from sweating profusely at the interview, either from the heat or anxiety, you will also look overdressed for your interview.


Okay, so what do you wear?

To start with, no matter what the role or company is, you can start with a white shirt. A crisp white shirt is the backbone of every gentleman’s wardrobe. It can also portray that you are someone who is clean, organised and professional. We love white shirts. You can’t go wrong with too many white shirts. We will continue to instil this in our style advice.

  • If the interview is for a highly professional role, say: Lawyer, partner, banker….you catch the drift, what we advice is a crisp white shirt, a classic or slim fit suit – pinstripe will do just fine. If you want to wear a pocket square, then the advice is to use a subtle one, preferably white.